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Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugging System

Rapid preparation and plugging for heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes

EST Group offers a complete line of heat exchanger, boiler and condenser tube plugs designed for quickly preparing and plugging leaking and degraded heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes.

  • Quickly Prepare, Plug And Repair Leaking Heat Exchanger, Condenser and Boiler Tubes
  • Install and Remove Plugs Without Welding or Explosives
  • Locate and Identify Leaks

Tube Plugs are suitable for service in operating pressures up to 7,000 psi (483 Bar) and are designed to be installed without welding or explosives. A variety of systems and tools are available for installation and removal.

Tube Stabilizers are designed for stabilizing fractured or severed heat exchanger tubes while tube sleeving is designed to effectively repair damaged tube ends.

Also available are Tube Testing Guns for locating and identifying leaking heat exchanger tubes.:

The Fast and Safe Way to Seal Leaking Heat Exchanger, Condenser, and Boiler Tubes. Rated up to 1000 psi (68.9 Bar), Suitability and type tested by TUV, Safer alternative to tapered pin and elastomer plugs Helium leak-tight to 1x10-6 cc/sec. The Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plug is part of a high performance tube plugging system. Tube preparation is the second component. EST removes all tube prep uncertainty by supplying a kit of brushes to cover the Pop-A-Plug® CPI/Perma Plug's entire expansion range. Other materials are available on a consult factory basis. Ask us about through-the-tube plugging of non-U-tube heat exchangers.
POP-A-PLUG® P2 Provides the Permanent Performance of Explosive or Welded Tube Plugs at a Fraction of Their Cost - Documented Savings of 80% - Compared to Competitive Tube Plugging Techniques. Pressures up to 7,000 psi (483 Bar), Sizes .400" to 1.460" (10.16mm to 37.08mm) Tube I.D. Proven Helium Leak Tight to 1x10-10 cc/sec, Installs Quickly and Easily, Unique Breakaway Prevents Damage to Tube and Tube Joint. Installation is simple: prepare the tube using the brush and size the tube with the Go/No-Go gage supplied; install the correct size plug with the hydraulic ram. The ram pulls the tapered pin through the ring, expanding it into the tube. When the proper installation pressure is reached, the breakaway pops like a pop rivet. This controlled installation force protects surrounding tubes and adjacent ligaments. Pop-A-Plug P2 Tube Plugging System reduces downtime, eliminates welding and explosives, and will not damage your tubes, tubejoints or tubesheet. Fast, safe and simple - just "Set 'Em and Forget 'Em".
Make Boiler Repairs Faster & Easier - Reduce Downtime, Eliminate Welding, Save Money...Operating Pressures to 1000 psi (69 Bar), Sizes for 1.638" to 1.823" (40.11 mm to 46.30 mm) ID Tubes Helium Leak Tight to 1x10-10 cc/sec, Use in Either Water or Fire Tube Boilers, Ideal for HRSG, These boiler repair plugs reliably plug boiler tubes without welding or time consuming pre-heating and post weld stress relieving and the weld inspections that go with it.
The Best Tube Plugging System for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers also called Fin Fan Coolers. Tube leaks in ACHE units (also called fin fan coolers) are difficult to identify and repair due to the limited access to the tubesheet through the plugsheet. Typically when leaks in the tubes are identified they are plugged by using tapered hammer-in plugs, or in higher pressure ACHE units, the plugs have to be welded in place. In both cases, the damage frequently occurs to the tubesheet, plugsheet, and/or adjacent tubes. Pop-A-Plug® Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Tube Plugging System offers significant advantages over hammer-in or welded plug applications for the following reasons: Average installation time: 2 minutes per plug, No weld permits required, No expert welders required, Consistent and repeatable installation, No damage to plugsheet threads, tubesheet, or adjacent tubes. Permanent sealing solution with removability option.

Effective Heat Exchanger Tube Plugging in Highly Corrosive Environments

As a recognized ASME PCC-2-2015 repair method, the Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugging System offers a safe, and reliable solution for plugging leaking tubes.

Pop-A-Plug® P2 High Pressure Tube Plugs offer a safe and reliable solution for use in highly corrosive Fertilizer and Petrochemical Processing environments. Installation takes just minutes and protects against damage to tube sheet ligaments and the adjacent tube sheet joints. Plug material is always matched to the host tube to prevent galvanic interaction and maintains a leak-tight seal under extreme thermal and pressure cycling.

Features & Benefits.

Pressure ratings up to 7000 PsiG (483 BarG)
Controlled and repeatable installation - no welding required
Unique breakaway prevents damage to tube and tube joint
Offers lowest life cycle cost when compared to alternative tube plugging methods
Helium leak tight seal to 1 x 10-10 cc/sec
ASME PCC-2-2015 recommended tube plugging repair method (Article 3.12) 
Reduce downtime from days to hours.

Pop-A-Plug P2 High Pressure Tube Plugs are available in a wide range of materials, including alloy steel F11 / F22, standard stainless steel, Zirconium, 904L, as well as 35+ commonly used alloys for corrosive environments, including: SS-316/316L SS-317L/321/347 SS-400 Series Alloys SS-904L SS-254SMO SS-20CB3/ Alloy20 Duplex SS /Super Duplex SS Inconel /Incoloy Alloys Hastelloy Alloys Monel Nickel 200/201 AL6XN CuNi 70/30 - 90/10 Carbon Steel A350 LF2 Chrome Moly 4142 Chrome Moly F5/F9/F11/F22.

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